BFD members attend a discussion organized by Viet Tan Party in London, UK.


A colorful world, multilateral diplomacy with great powers with conflicting interests is causing Vietnam difficulties. The Vietnam-China Declaration for the first time mentioned “human rights, color revolution”. What do young people need to do to overcome the fear of ‘the storm of power’?

In a world with many tricks, chaotic changes, a country with a special strategic position but not strong enough and independent like Vietnam, our country will certainly be strongly affected. especially in the context of China’s manipulation and threats to Taiwan, to the security and stability of Southeast Asia and the South China Sea.

Vietnamese people, wherever they are, are interested in the future and the fate of the country being blocked by the dictatorship’s path of development and pursuit of happiness. The most worrying is the current obedient attitude of the Hanoi government to Beijing’s aggressive and aggressive attitude towards Vietnam.

Sharing concerns about the homeland and the situation of the people in the country, from living conditions, birth recognition to human rights, Viet Tan campus in the UK invited Dr. Tran Dieu Chan, who is the translator of the famous book. “Death by China” together with Lawyer Nguyen Van Dai, founder and leader of the Brotherhood for Democracy, came to participate in the seminar “Vietnam situation in the context of world conflicts, especially the threat of threat of China. What can we do? “. The discussion went well on Sunday, February 26, 2023 – from 13:00 to 15:00, ST GILES HOTEL BEDFORD AVE LONDON, WC1B 3GH.

The conference was attended and exchanged by members of the Viet Tan Party, the Brotherhood for Democracy and Vietnamese expatriates living, studying and working in the UK.

During the discussion, young Vietnamese people living, working and studying in the UK, as well as many other young communist refugees, discussed enthusiastically about many topics existing in the authoritarian state. totalitarian communist Vietnam. Overcoming fear is one of the focus points raised by Dr. Tran Dieu Chan and enthusiastically responded.

How people need to step through the psychology of fear to be able to protect their rights in a more practical way. The current Vietnamese law and constitution also clearly stipulates the rights and interests of citizens. The question is whether we ask the authorities to enforce those interests or not.

Do not be shy at all, the voice of the people must be heard by the state. Why don’t we take advantage of our legitimate rights and interests enshrined in the constitution and laws so that we demand proper enforcement? People need to step through that fear to promote the companionship of state agencies.

Even though we know that the Vietnamese constitution at first glance seems to have a very high level of democratic rights. But with a communist state, all laws are distorted. The fear of young people who want to fight for human rights and democracy is aggravated when the government turns to terrorize their families. For example, sending invitations and summons to the parents, wives and children of activists to the station for tracing and intimidation. During the conference, many young people shared their experiences and realities of themselves and their families to fight against the government’s low policies.

Trong Nguyen – a member of Brotherhood for Democracy

Trong Nguyen Dinh said at the conference, “When faced with the communist government, we are always afraid, because they are very malicious and sinister. They are ready to use all dirty tricks to oppress people. So when we are determined to follow the path of fighting for human rights, democracy and freedom, we must. Always learning and cultivating knowledge, setting clear goals, having to be trained and trained step by step to gain more experience and understand clearly the way to fight for freedom and human rights. Pray and ask God to strengthen me, because I am doing good works, which is fighting for justice, peace and human rights.”

Human Rights are a fundamental right that nature has bestowed on every human being from birth, and no one or political regime can take that away from it. If the government considers human rights as a gift given, the people must stand up and fight with human experience and love and strength from the creator.

Discussing more about Vietnam’s geopolitical situation in 2022, Within a week, the great powers all pressed Hanoi to “engage” more deeply in each side’s strategy. Parodying the old saying: ‘This body can be split into three…’ and now the situation in Vietnam is exactly like that.

During Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit to China at the end of 2022. The two countries also published a Joint Statement, accordingly, further promoting and deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Vietnam and China.

Compared to the joint statements in 2017 and 2017, the joint statement in 2022 after the visit of the 78-year-old General Secretary has a difference when it comes to promoting cooperation between China and Vietnam in the fields of counter-terrorism. against “peaceful evolution”, “color revolution”.
In addition, the two countries also emphasized “international cooperation in the field of human rights, not politicizing human rights issues”.

When rereading the 2015 and 2017 Joint Statements, readers do not find the word ‘human rights’, or ‘color revolution’ in these two documents.

The “non-politicization of human rights” seems to be China’s dominant approach in the face of international condemnation for serious human rights abuses against ethnic minorities, especially ethnic minorities. Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region, as well as how to handle the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Asia, accused Vietnam of becoming a “subordinate partner for the Chinese government at the United Nations Human Rights Council.”

“There is no doubt that Hanoi will vote according to the wishes of the Chinese government at the Human Rights Council, and will happily play the role of China’s junior partner in its efforts to subvert the principles of the law. international human rights and endeavor to effectively enforce those laws.”

Two one-party countries, which behave recklessly in human rights issues. Both Hanoi and Beijing view individual freedom and the exercise of basic civil and political rights as a vital threat to their political power.

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