Nguyen Phu Trong: A Treason


1. Nguyen Phu Trong decided to choose the National Day of the People’s Republic of China (China) to commemorate A Thousand Year anniversary of Thang Long (Hanoi) on 1-10-2010. He announced to make a film called “Road to Thang Long” but it was directed by Chinese director and was produced in China. At the same time, China network launched the thesis “Ly Cong Uan is Chinese!”

 2. Nguyen Phu Trong went to Beijing on 14 October 2011 to sign an Agreement of 6 Basic Principles, accepting bilateral negotiations to freely cede land to China, breaking the policy of multilateralism and internationalisation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations at that time. On the same day, the Chinese Navy announced that it had set up a military medical station at the Chinese Cross Island known as Vinh Try Island, where the Chinese troops had occupied the Vietnamese Cross Island.  In 1988, 70 Vietnamese Navy Army soldiers died. The Vietnamese citizens protested against China were brutally suppressed by the government.

 3. Nguyen Phu Trong asked the VTV1 (Vietnamese National Television Broadcast) to put a Chinese flag with an extra star next to VTV1 logo and let children to hold the Chinese flag to welcome Chinese president, Xi Jinping, as a pledge to implement the Chengdu secret. By adding an extra star, Nguyen Phu Trong secretly showed that Vietnam is a part of China.

On 5 June 2011, there were thousands of people took to the streets to protest against Chinese invasion in Hanoi and Saigon. The protest was brutally suppressed by the government and imprisoned for patriots.

In August 2011, the BBC announced that ExxonMobil, an US company, had found oil and gas within the South East Asia Sea in Vietnam, near China’s Nine-Dash Line claim. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) received a report from Houston, Texas, where Exxon Mobil’s headquarters, stated that the company had found a huge oil and natural gas as they encountered a higher proportion of hydrocarbons after drilling a second well on block 118, offshore Da Nang, Midland Vietnam in August 2011.

 4. Nguyen Phu Trong prevented any responses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam Television when the rig HD 981 of China invaded the Vietnamese territorial sea from 7/5/2014.

 5. Nguyen Phu Trong deliberately delayed a state meeting when it was necessary to discuss the actions of Vietnam need to take to respond to the Chinese acts of infringing upon Vietnam’s territorial waters.

 6. Nguyen Phu Trong prevented Vietnamese government from issuing a claim to the United Nations denouncing China’s abusive behaviour in the South China Sea because he is afraid of Xi Jinping.

 7. Nguyen Phu Trong deliberately prevented the government from taking emergency actions to protect the country against China’s invasion in the South China Sea, he didn’t allow the government to sue China under international law. In the end, apart from Nguyen Tan Dung, only 5 members of the government agreed to sue China, the majority of them did not agree to sue China. The plan to sue China of the government to international court therefore completely dismissed.

 8. Nguyen Phu Trong ordered the suppression of anti-China protests. At the time from May to July 2014, series of protests in provinces and cities across the country accused China of infringing on territorial waters, infringing upon sovereignty, Vietnam’s sovereignty rights.

 9. Nguyen Phu Trong ordered the suppression of persecution of patriots. At the request of the Chinese Embassy, ​​Nguyen Phu Trong also ordered Vietnam Security Agencies to arrest some democracy activists with a view to undermining the confidence of the international community with the Vietnam Prime Minister’s commitments on the exercise of human rights.

 10. Nguyen Phu Trong ordered the Minister of Defence Phung Quang Thanh to make a soft statement about Vietnam-China friendship to ease China on the South China Sea issue while attending the Conference of Defence Ministers in Singapore.

 11. Nguyen Trong who deliberately prevented the Vietnam government from making a resolution on the South China Sea.

 12. Nguyen Phu Trong deliberately prevented the government from issuing a Decree guiding the implementation of the Vietnam Sea regulation. The regulation affirms Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly Islands passed by the National Assembly of Vietnam on June 21, 2012.

 13. Nguyen Phu Trong prevented the National Assembly from issuing the Demonstration Law.

 14. Nguyen Phu Trong asked Xi Jinping to keep the current situation calmly when he welcomes the President of the People’s Republic of China. On other word, he agreed to confirm the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands belonging to China. This is the act of overthrow the country by Nguyen Phu Trong.

 15. Nguyen Phu Trong asked for the supports from Chinese government, betrayed our country and people before the XII Communist Party Congress. In 2015, during the state visit to China of Nguyen Sinh Hung, Vietnam Chairman of the National Assembly, Nguyen Phu Trong instructed Nguyen Sinh Hung to pass the request of the Communist Party about asking China to support Vietnam in regard to national security and protection of the XII Party Congress in a dangerous situation.

 16. Nguyen Phu Trong prevented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the press and the military from fighting with the China as China enter the safety zone of Vietnam without permission to do so. He has been preventing the protection of the sky by the Vietnamese people’s army, demanding that the Vietnam Air Force only monitoring but not using Vietnamese military aircraft to approach and chase Chinese military aircraft about entering Vietnam air space.

 17. Nguyen Phu Trong ordered to prevent the Border Guard and the Vietnam Navy Police from protecting Vietnam’s sea in the early days of 2016 (when China sent a military ship to impersonate a fishing ship close on Vietnamese coast 24 nautical miles) as he was afraid of break the friendship between the two countries.

 18. Nguyen Phu Trong made a commitment to Xi Jinping on supporting China’s investment activities: Right after becoming General Secretary of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong made a series of commitments with Xi Jinping on supporting China investment activities in Vietnam.

Nguyen Phu Trong gave permission for Formosa to operate in Ha Tinh with 70-year incentives.

Vo Kim Cu gifted a 50-kilogram gold statue and 2 mansions, in addition of huge amount of money for bribe, so when the disaster hit Formosa, Nguyen Phu Trong only came to visit without speaking about the environmental disaster …

19. Nguyen Phu Trong instructed the Air Defence Army to send two planes to the North Vietnam so that the China could shoot down, 9 Air Force officers were died unjustly.  After that, Nguyen Phu Trong ordered the international flight to be regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to regulate air routes outside the South China Sea and instructed Vietnamese civil aircraft to fly in the Vietnamese territory only as he officially handed South China Sea for China.

 20. Nguyen Phu Trong has allowed the establishment of the Confucius Institute, Viet Trung Friendship Palace to become a Chinese and Chinese people through journalism, movies … while other countries are boycotting non-literary jobs. chemistry aimed at propagating CSism and expanding Han Dynastyism.

 21. Nguyen Phu Trong instructed the Ministry of Education to put forward Chinese into school, start from year 1 to year 3, all student must study Chinese instead of focusing on English, which is the most important and popular language in the world right now.

 22. Nguyen Phu Trong himself pressured The Political Bureau of the Central Committee to agree to stop exploiting oil and gas in the Red Dragon-Tu Chinh area under the direction of Xi Jinping, officially ceding oil and gas exploitation to the new Chinese Communist empire…

 23. Nguyen Phu Trong frantically instructed General Department 2 and General Department 5 Police abducted Trinh Xuan Thanh to Vietnam to get evidence to get rid of Nguyen Tan Dung and friends to seize power to continue to be General Secretary so that he could complete the Chengdu covenant.  This was a foolish move, created a diplomatic crisis and severed humanitarian aid and economic treaty from Germany in particular and the European Union in general.

 24. Nguyen Phu Trong himself wants to remain in the position of General Secretary and President of Vietnam, so he got rid of Dinh The Huynh and Tran Dai Quang and ordered Huy Duc to disseminate this secret information. Nguyen Phu Trong’s supporters in the country were former police colonel Nguyen Dang Quang and Cu Huy Ha Vu, both voiced their support for Nguyen Phu Trong to stay in the post of General Secretary and President to fight bribe in the country as they described.

Original Source: RealityVietnam

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