The silence in the dictatorship


In Vietnam, unjust convictions and unusual deaths are no longer a strange thing, all things are also buried without a trace, because legal justice is difficult to exist in the dictatorship in Vietnam, and there are many powerful forces. underground to be dominated in Vietnam by the dictatorship of the communist regime.

On June 28, the family of soldier Tran Duc Do received news that he was being treated and had died. According to information from the military, he died by hanging himself. However, when the family came to receive the body, they found many unusual bruises and the family did not accept soldier Do’s body and asked to clarify the cause of death.

Private Tran Duc Do, is a trainee belonging to Company 14, Battalion 4, Military School of Military Region 1. He was enlisted voluntarily in the army.

His death has not become a serious issue and the question of the hour of the media, as Vietnamese law does not have unfair and transparent enough. Many of the deaths of politicians, university leaders are suicide or illness, but it is the result of political and economic plots in Vietnam such as the death of President Tran Dai Quang, the former party secretary and people’s council president in Da Nang – Nguyen Ba Thanh, and Ph.D., solicitor Bui Quang Tin.

Therefore, the unusual death of soldier Tran Duc Do makes more and more people unable to trust the law and the Vietnamese government, if it is not clarified. This is a test for the Vietnamese government and law and contributes to the elimination of underground forces in Vietnam.

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